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Mirror Image Studios Personalized Bride Groom Wedding Cake Tops


Your Colors FREE on every Wedding Cake Top
  • Skin Tones / Interracial
  • Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Eyes
  • Flowers

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Also Available
  • Bald Grooms *
  • Gown & Tux Colors
  • Tiaras, Veils & Headpieces
  • Hats and Shoes
  • Eyeglasses
  • Accessories
  • Different Heights (M400 only)
  • Tattoos
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Plus Custom Options
  • Long Hairstyles
  • Short Hairstyles **
  • Gown Variations ***
  • Military Ranks, Ribbons
    & Medals, Arm Patches
  • Uniforms, including names
  • Display Bases, Engraved
    Plates & Glass Domes
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* Bald and Custom "Short" Hairstyles for Grooms ** Custom "Short" Hairstyles and Up Do's
for Brides
*** Custom Gown Variations
and Alterations
Bald Groom and Custom Short Hairstyles Grooms Wedding Cake Top
Custom Short Hairstyles and Up Do's Brides Wedding Cake Top Custom Wedding Gown Variations Alterations for Brides
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  Allow 3-4 weeks to complete your personalized cake top.

Ordering 2 day or 3 day shipment refers to time in transit after it leaves our facilities.

  Shipping Costs  Payment Terms

  Personalized Cake tops are not Returnable.  All Sales are Final.

TO ORDER - Choose from the 3 cake top lines below...

Traditional Attire Our Day Enchantments
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This "Traditional Attire" section features all couples dressed in the classic Traditional Wedding Attire such as Formal Bridal Gowns, pretty dresses and Groom Tux and/or Suits.

Most Bridal Attire can be altered to strapless, tank top, cap sleeves, etc. as well as any colors and patterns.

Groom Tux and/or Suits offer a variety of ties, such as straight, bow or no tie, including any color attire, pin striping, etc.

These Traditional Attire Figurines also offer hats for Grooms and Brides such as fire, police, nurse, western, baseball caps and yarmulkes.

Uniforms are only offered in the Our Day and Enchantment sections at this time.  Theme and Uniform Attire sections are coming soon.

The Our Day Bride and Groom couple is our most economical and versatile wedding figurine.

In addition to the standard services and colors we provide on all the figurines we customize, Our Day offers even more.

Different Heights, Big and Beautiful, Combo Themes, Multiple Attire.

Theme and Uniform versions such as firefighter, police, military, etc and dozens of accessories like Golf, Tennis, Skiing, etc.


This Enchantment section includes all the other figurines that are available in special attire and uniforms such as Military, Firefighter, Police, etc. and everything else.

Uniforms are only offered in the Enchantment and Our Day sections at this time. 

Theme and Uniform Attire sections are coming soon.


kissin on the cake mis example.jpg (129031 bytes) passionate kissmarine interacial mis.jpg (105895 bytes) bride pulling marine groom mis.jpg (95343 bytes) bride dragging hunter groom mis.jpg (93831 bytes)
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to view some of Our Personalized Wedding Cake Tops
military, firefighters, police, doctor, nurse, chef,
golf, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, scuba ...
The combinations are endless ...
breathless western custom mis.jpg (107933 bytes) custom hair styling mis.jpg (479517 bytes) af am white tux ball and chain mis.jpg (103484 bytes) lovesong mis example.jpg (99563 bytes)

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