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Enchantment Humorous Figurines

All "Enchantment" Humorous couples are custom painted to reflect your color eyes, hair
(including adding beards, and mustaches), flowers, skin tone (including interracial),
gown and tux at no extra charge.

Each figurine will state if uniforms (military, firemen, etc.) are available.

"Enchantment" figurines facial features, molded styles of dress and tux,
figurine heights and stance cannot be changed.  Also, longer styled hair can be added
(optional), but original molded hair cannot be removed.

All "Enchantment" Humorous couples can stand independently or
can be added to an (optional) custom display base.

Click on the photo of the figurine,
choose your colors, uniform, hat, etc.
and follow the page prompts through shopping cart.

Image result for jwcaketops Passionate Kiss Bride and Groom Figurine Cake Top
No Escaping Our Love
M69 - 79.95
Just Married on the Beach  M79  79.95
(Bald Groom Available -  89.95)
Passionate Kiss
M97 - 79.95
Cold Feet Groom Climbing Groom and Cheering Bride Stubborn Sweethearts
Cold Feet Groom
M42 - 79.95
Climbing Groom and Cheering Bride  
M76 - 89.95
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Stubborn Sweethearts
M41 - 79.95
  Ball and Chain Hopless Wedding Cake Topper
Runaway Bride
M60 - 79.95
  Ball and Chain - Hopeless
M61 - 79.95
Ball and Chain   On a Short Leash
Ball and Chain
M123 - 79.95
On a Short Leash
M122 - 79.95


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