Climbing Groom and
Cheering Bride

Product # M76


Porcelain Bisque

4.25" tall - Groom

5.5" tall, 2.25" diameter - Bride

4 Brides Available for
this cake topper

Choose From One of Four Brides on the Pull Down section found on Order Form

brideblowingkisses.jpg (17467 bytes)

waitingbride.jpg (16895 bytes)

               sweetbridealone.jpg (29733 bytes)

"Bride Blowing Kisses"
Comes Spaghetti Strap
"Waiting Bride"
Comes Spaghetti Strap

  "Sweet Bride"
Comes Tank Top           

Sorry, these 3 brides are Not Available with Strapless Gowns.

The spaghetti straps and tank top cannot be removed.
Spaghetti straps can be converted to tank top.

Short sleeves, on-shoulder cap sleeves, long sleeves,
sheer lacey sleeves are available on any of these brides.

The Cheering Bride shown on the cake is available with any bodice alteration.