Traditional Wedding Cake Top Figurines

All "Enchantment" Traditional couples are custom painted to reflect your color eyes, hair
(including adding beards, and mustaches), flowers, skin tone (including interracials),
gown and tux at no extra charge.

Each figurine will state if uniforms (military, firemen, etc.) are available.
Click on figurine photo for customization options for each figurine.

"Enchantment" figurines facial features, molded styles of dress and tux,
figurine heights and stance cannot be changed.  Also, longer styled hair can be added
(optional), but original molded hair cannot be removed.

All "Enchantment" Traditional couples can stand independently or
can be added to an (optional) custom display base.  

Click on the photo of the figurine,
choose your colors, uniform, hat, etc.
and follow the page prompts through shopping cart.

Dance With Me - Marine Uniform - MIS first dance mis.JPG (107943 bytes) bald first dance mis.jpg (114446 bytes)
Dance With Me
M43m - 79.95

(Bald - 89.90
(click here for Military and Red Serge samples)
First Dance
M25 - 74.95
First Dance - Bald
M25 - 89.90
True Romance
M99 - 79.95

Dance With Me Firefighter Cake Topper Dance With Me Bride Groom Wedding Cake Top
Dance With Me
M43f - 79.95
(Bald - 89.90)

(click here for Firefighter samples)
Threshold Of

M50 - 74.95
Dance With Me
M43TR - 79.95
Joyful Embrace 
M38 - 94.95

(click here to
view samples)
beach couple mis.jpg (92419 bytes) always and forever mis.jpg (113210 bytes)
M65 - 74.95
Romantic Embrace
M27 - 79.95
Barefoot Beach Romance
M78 - 64.95
Always & Forever M8 - 59.95
heartsong on arch.jpg (126659 bytes) clip_image002.gif (8226 bytes)  
M24 - 89.95
Couple Attached to Arch Pedestal
Special Figurine - for pre-approved Quotes  Breathless
M35  69.95
out of stock

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