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Mirror Image Studios Personalized Bride Groom Wedding Cake Tops

  Each cake top includes the Bride and Groom Color of ...
Skin Tone (including interracial), Hair, Eyes and
Flower Colors,  AT NO EXTRA COST!

  Military, Firefighters, Occupations, Hobbies, Themes, and many more!

  Glass Domes, Custom Bases and Engraved Plates are also available.

  Quick, Easy On-Line Ordering

  Each Mirror Image Studios' Personalized cake top takes
approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. 
If you need it sooner:  place your order - we will contact you
to confirm delivery timing before processing your order.

Ordering 2 day or 3 day shipment saves on delivery time in transit,
but it does not guarantee you will receive the topper
in 2-3 calendar days from the date of your order.

  Shipping Costs,   Payment Terms,  Company History

  Personalized Cake tops are not returnable.  All Sales are Final.

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  Choose your figurine (from the Elegant Occasions and Enchantment sections shown below)
 Click on the thumbnail photo, a larger photo with pricing and ordering information will load. 
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We offer 3 cake top lines to choose from ...

elegant occasion group.JPG (152522 bytes) Personalized Customized Bride Groom Wedding Cake Tops Personalized Customized Bride Groom Wedding Cake Tops 

The "Elegant Occasions" cake top line is truly elegant and economically priced. 

Customized to your specifications and comes with your choice of any one of ten custom display bases.

"Elegant Occasions" figurines can be personalized as ... 

  • traditional
  • military
  • firefighter
  • occupations
  • hobbies and interests
  • western
  • bald grooms
  • strapless gowns
  • pet attendants
  • long hair 
  • and many more.

Elegant Occasions cake tops start at $59.95.

The "Enchantment" cake top line offers the finest and most detailed porcelain, and resin figurines available today.   They are painted to your specifications.

These figurines can be combined with a custom display base. 

  • traditional
  • military
  • firefighters
  • western
  • bald grooms
  • and long hair.  

Enchantment cake tops start at $59.95.

  This Section under construction - includes many new figurines - will be available very soon !!

These "Traditional" wedding cake top figurines offer personalized hair styles, custom color attire, accessories and hats.   Painted to your specifications.

 These figurines can be combined with a custom
display base.

Bride and Grooms capturing your ...

  • unique wedding attire
  • gown bodice modifications
  • hairstyles
  • bald grooms
  • heights
  • skin tones
  • occupations (hats)
  • and interests. 

Traditional cake tops start
 at $59.95.

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Western Figurines

kissin on the cake mis example.jpg (129031 bytes) passionate kissmarine interacial mis.jpg (105895 bytes) bride pulling marine groom mis.jpg (95343 bytes) bride dragging hunter groom mis.jpg (93831 bytes)
Click this Photo Gallery link -
to view some of Our Personalized Wedding Cake Tops
military, firefighters, police, doctor, nurse, chef,
golf, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, scuba ...
The combinations are endless ...
breathless western custom mis.jpg (107933 bytes) custom hair styling mis.jpg (479517 bytes) af am white tux ball and chain mis.jpg (103484 bytes) lovesong mis example.jpg (99563 bytes)

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