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Here are several letters we received from some of our customers......


To all the Staff at Mirror Image,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my cake topper. It exceeded my expectations and is a forever keepsake for us! Thank you for all your help :)

Wendy Z., NY


Dear Mirror Image Studios,

I recently attended a wedding where the bride and groom had used a personalized ornament from your company and it was shocking to see the resemblance of the ornament and the couple. Please send me a catalog so I can order one too !


Melissa C., Montana

Mirror Images,

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our cake topper! We loved it! It looked just like us! We've had more compliments and everybody thought it was a great idea! It was the talk of the reception! Thanks for offering this great idea to the many engaged couples out there. I will recommend you to all upcoming bride and grooms.. I couldn't have had a better topper. What a keepsake!

Thanks again,

Joyce B., Florida

To whom it may concern,

Just a letter of appreciation of what a wonderful job you did on our cake top. We ordered an "Eternal Kiss" with the ribbon laced backdrop. It's beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased with it's appearance. On top of this, it arrived on time, and was packed securely in peanuts. I'm also very pleased at the care you take in shipping. I didn't think it was possible to find a pretty cake top, and one that looked like us, but I was wrong. Thank you for your unique service.


Staci D., New York

Dear Mirror Image Studios,

I want to thank you for the wonderful cake topper. Please express our happiness to all who created it. When it arrived, I knew the topper would be beautiful, but I cried when I opened the box. You really did a wonderful job. The detail was exceptional. It really will be a keepsake. We are looking for a dome to keep it in. I'm spreading the news about your company!


Tracy H., California

And here are some recent requests....

Dear Mirror Image,

My husband-to-be has long black hair, 6 feet tall and is Latino. I am 5 feet tall, white and have red hair. As you can tell we are not the "Barbie and Ken" cake toppers type, but are very much in love and just can't find what we are looking for. I hope you can help.

Thank you,

Dawn B., Michigan

Mirror Images,

I saw your advertisement in 1994 - Yes 1994 and held on to it, because I knew when it was time - I wanted a personalized cake top. Thank God you are still in business (you are doing something right)!

Eager to do business with you,

Malin T., Texas

Dear Mirror Image Studios,

I am especially interested in a wolf and sheep animal cake top.


Tara A., New York

Dear Mirror Image Studios,

As I eagerly plan my wedding, I have been searching for the "perfect" cake top for my wedding. My search has taken me across three states, but with no success. All the cake tops I've seen are generic, badly made, and look nothing like my fiancÚ and I. So you can imagine my delight when I came across your advertisement in a bridal magazine! While I could simply place a floral piece on top of my cake, I would love something original that no one else could possibly have. I anxiously await the arrival of your catalog and thank you for offering such a wonderful alternative to the usual "ho-hum" decorations!

Karen M., Virginia

For the above couples, and many more, we have been able to fill their requests. If you have any unique ideas or are looking for that special cake top, let us know and we'll do our best to make your "Dream" Cake Top come true!

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